How did it come about


In September 1995 the concept artist BONGER VOGES created the idea of THE BERLIN ORACLE. He was inspired by the architecture of Hans Scharoun and Werner Düttmann, sixties and seventies art forms as well as the I Ching, the ancient Chinese book of wisdom. Since then he has been working with his partner Kristijana Penava towards the realisation of a project that will transform the beginning of the Friedrichstraße into a unique site of art, architecture, communication, wisdom and play.

Voges discovered the Mehringplatz Square whilst attending a festival in Berlin. He was astounded by the run down and depressing condition of the Square and it gradually began to occupy his thoughts as he crossed it. Voges sought a way to enhance the positive potential of the Square, its peace and calm, through an artistic project. Inspired in equal measure by the historical significance of the Belle Alliance Square as well as the architecture of Scharoun and Düttmann, he came up with an aesthetic appreciation of both.

Voges’ idea is the creation of a site that “speaks”, with whom one can communicate, a place that has a sensual, emotive and novel presence.

For months, VOGES studied the architecture of the Square, its social structure and history, as well as 60s and 70s art forms.

The Chinese book of wisdom, the I Ching, which came into his hands at the same time, proved to be the key to the conception of the art venture.

A venture where freedom, tolerance and openness play a pivotal role.

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