The vision


A Place of communication and tolerance

DAS ORAKEL VON BERLIN (THE ORACLE OF BERLIN) is playful communication with itself and others. It assists in solving personal issues.

A simple invitation on ground plaques at the entrance of the rondel Mehringplatz explains the game:
“Ask yourself a question which you cannot answer with yes or no. Go to the colour which attracts you the most. 2500 years of wisdom answer your questions.”

Already in 1996 the artist Bonger Voges developed the concept of an urban space at Mehringplatz which is more than a place of contemplation or the possibility to mount knowledge.
THE ORACLE OF BERLIN is a practical invitation for reflection, for self-reference and for the “digestion” of experiences.
Furthermore the concept should be understood as an addition to the nearby cultural institutions such as The Jewis Museum, Berlinische Galerie, Topography of Terror and the Memorial Library.

The circle of colour spectrum underlines the architecture of the square as a sensual approach to the ORACLE OF BERLIN. It contains more than an aesthetical component and is a symbol for tolerance and unity.

The colours symbolize all flags worldwide and international understanding.


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