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The path of visionaries – Benefits

Your support allows you to make your philosophy of life a part of
“The Path of Visionaries”. You can become part of an installation that aims to be a place of communication for ethical values and culture. A place for individuals to experience international charisma .

Speak up for tolerance and international understanding in the public city area of the famous Friedrichstraße, by putting your name underneath the quote of your choice.
Thousands of people walk along this street every day and will read your name.
You're showing dedication and support for an art project unique to the world in the heart of Berlin.

Along with your patronage you will receive:

• Lasting and obvious prominence at a historical site in the capital's centre.
• A long-term high level gain in image
• Excellent contact possibilities/opportunities to attract international and particularly European partners
• International response by the media
• Target group appeal in a non-commercial and entertainment oriented environment
• Opportunity to create goodwill through social and cultural dedication.

Partners will be guests of honour at the opening event and will be mentioned by name (in catalogues, brochures, invitations and the like).

The partnership for a quote plaque is designed like this:

Each quote plaque consists of three steel strips (27 x 100 cm in size)
which are placed 9cm apart from each other. The plaque is 6 cm thick.
The engraving is 2-3 mm deep.
The artist Markus Schaller has embossed the font in a new technical
procedure.The partner' s name will be engraved with a font size of about 4 cm ,
2-3 mm deep into the plaque.

There will be no more than three patrons on a quote plaque. In addition exclusive rights for a quote plaque can be gained.

There are no further duties for the partner. Maintenance and cleaning will be paid by Kunstwelt e.V. Berlin npo. From the start of construction the contract duration is 10 years.

The project is designed as a long term installation.
The partnership will be confirmed by a certificate

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