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The Berlin Oracle – Visions begin with questions

Welcome to one of the former most magnificent squares in Berlin.

As little as 60 years ago, the Mehringplatz Square was in the same league as the Pariser and Leipziger squares.

Based on the architecture, structure and history of the square, the urban art venture ”The Berlin Oracle” the former significance of the Mehringplatz Square as the gateway to the Friedrichstrasse.

Come and visit the accom – panying exhibition “The Berlin Oracle – Visions begin with Questions” where you can learn about the history of the Square as well as its future.

Background information is also available on the history of Berlin, the scheduled Sungate by Niki de Saint-Phalle, the contributing artists and their works.

An interactive program allows you to question the “The Berlin Oracle” yourself

A Place of communication and tolerance

The Oracle concept presents Berlin with an ideal platform for contrasting views of life, displaying the diversity and singularity of different countries, nations and their history in a single square. Stimulating communication and encouraging people to develop new perspectives on life is the main purpose and achievement of this project. In brief: visitors are invited to participate in a dialogue of cultures and values.

The spectrum of colours is the alphabet of vision. It represents
completeness, excluding nothing, a symbol of tolerance and equality. The colours are an abstract symbol for all countries and nations and a statement for world peace.

Inspiring quotes on the philosophy of life, human values and the pursuit of visions and ideals form the substance of a further collection of texts. Particular emphasis is laid on contributions from East and Western Europe, giving visitors a vivid insight into the turbulent pre and post war history of the square. A symbol of war and victory is transformed into one of world peace and understanding.

Opening Times: Mo- Fr 11.00-18.00 Uhr
or according to a telephonic agreement


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