The History


The Mehringplatz in times of change

It was first named Rondell after its circular shape by the Prussian King “Friedrich Wilhelm I” who initially decreed its construction. This Place together with the Brandenburger Tor and the Potsdamer Platz formed the first triangle encompassing the old Berlin.

1815 Following the victory over Napoleon it was renamed the “Belle Aliance Platz”

and rebuilt in the style of the Piazza del Popolo in Rome.
It used to be one of the most important and most beautiful places in the City.

After the socialist historian Franz Mehring in 1947 the place got renamed in Mehringplatz.

The time table gives a brief overview of 300 years of history.

More details you will find in the following chapters:

The Rondell
The Belle-Alliance-Platz
After 1945
The Mehringplatz
Die Friedrichstrasse

Project history

The History
The time plates
Belle Alliance
after 1945
The architects
Die Friedrichstrasse
Project history
The surroundings
The East
The West
The world oracle
The language of colour