"The idea of giving the Mehringplatz a new look with a deeper meaning is extremely appealing and I very much hope your plans come to fruition."
Richard von Weizsäcker former President of the Federal Republic of Germany

“I am convinced that this project means a cultural starting point to the Mehringplatz as well as to the entire Friedrichstrasse, which will fill tourists as well as Berlin residents with enthusiasm.”
Dr. Volker Hassemer, Berlin Partner Association for Capital Marketing

"The integration of art, tradition, living space and urbanity together with game and ancient millennium old wisdom proves as an ingenious solution to modern urbanity."

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Wienands TU München

"The project “Berlin Oracle” is a highly interesting idea. (...) The idea of Bonger Voges ... matches the cosmopolitan and advantgarde tradition of Kreuzberg.”

Franz Schluz - Mayor of the Berlin district Kreuzberg (until 2000)

“I would like to pledge my sympathy and support for your art project,
the Berlin Oracle and its aim of reviving the Mehringplatz, one of our city’s truly historic locations.”

Peter Strieder, Senator for Urban Development

“I hope that the I Ching tablet installation will stimulate European curiosity about ancient Chinese culture. In this sense, I wish the project ....every success.”

Lu Qiutian, Amabssador of the People's Republic of China

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